Chiropractic FAQ


What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the science, art, and philosophy of diagnosing and correcting subluxations, aberrant joint function, that cause disfunction and dis-ease in the body.

What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is the tool that chiropractors use to correct subluxation. It can be manual or instrument-aided. Along with a detailed exam and x-Rays it can be used to specifically address the root cause dis-ease in the body.

Why do kids and babies need to be adjusted?

Birth can be one of the most beautiful yet traumatic experiences that a mother and child can go through, causing a lot of stress to be placed on both bodies. As children grow up begin to walk and eventually begin to sit in class all day and participate in extracurricular activities more and more stress will be placed on their bodies. Chiropractic can relieve that stress and allow children and babies to grow up happy and healthy!

Is it safe?

Yes, Chiropractic is very safe, especially when combined with a detailed exam, and X-rays. Chiropractic is one of the health care professions with the lowest malpractice premiums due to how little risk there is with an adjustment. While there have been injuries that have been related to chiropractic, in most cases they were preexisting condition that were overlooked due to a non-thorough, non-specific exam.

How do you know where to adjust?

At Independence Chiropractic we use many different methods in order give the most specific adjustment possible. We begin by taking a detailed exam that will allow us to determine the nature of the complaint and give us clues as to the root cause of the dis-ease. We then take a series of X-rays that will further our understanding of the cause of the disfunction and allow us to focus on those areas. Finally we use motion palpation each visit to pinpoint the location of joint restrictions in order fully understand the area we need to adjust.

I’ve heard that once you get adjusted you will always need to be adjusted, is that true?

Yes, whether you live an active lifestyle or spend most of your day behind a computer our bodies are constantly under stress. Poor posture, trauma, decreased immunity, bad diet, even negative thoughts and feelings can all cause disfunction and inflammation in the body which lead to soreness, sickness and dis-ease. While someone many need more frequent adjustments to combat more acute symptoms, everyone needs regular adjustments to fight everyday “wear and tear”.

I am not in pain, why do I need an adjustment?

Pain is usually the last symptom of subluxation and disfunction to appear and typically the first symptom to resolve. More often than not when people get adjusted they notice that they feel better physically and they have less discomfort. But there are still other systems that are being affected. Likewise there could be systemic issues that are underlying without pain being associated. Take an injury for example, when you get a bruise the pain intensifies for a period of time and once the pain is gone there is still some discoloration and bruising left behind that takes a bit longer to heal. We want to make sure that we relieve pain but also restore those other systems to their full function.

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